Nightmare cat ‘flung over fence’ will be ‘thrown into a pit’ if owner doesn’t collect him

A poster begging to collect a nightmare cat that “refuses to leave” after it was “flung over a fence” has left people in stitches.

The leaflet, emblazoned with the words “come get your f***ing cat”, says the pet has already eaten a bird and urinated on a £3000 sofa set.

It warns that if the cat isn’t collected within a week, it will be “thrown into a nearby pit”.

The animal was apparently abandoned in Stockwell, south west London, during Jubilee celebrations earlier this month.

An image of the grumpy-looking pet is seen alongside the words: “Someone flung this cat over our fence on Jubilee weekend and it refuses to leave.

“It’s already eaten a bird, pissed on a three thousand pound sofa set, and tried to attack our feeble grandson.

“If he (we’ve checked) isn’t collected within seven days we’ll throw it into a nearby pit. We are not responsible for your pet.”

It is not known whether the poster is fake, although a contact number for a woman named Beryl is provided towards the bottom.

The image garnered over 200 likes within an hour of being shared to Twitter, captioned: “I need to tell you, Beryl, I don’t think anyone anywhere will be brave enough to come get this f***ing cat.”

One person, who said they walked past the poster yesterday, queried: “Does Stockwell have a nearby pit??”

Other social media users were left amused by the post, with one saying: “Beginning to see why it was flung over the fence.”

Another wrote: “Every word of this is art”, while a third added: “This has made me laugh a lot.”

And a fourth said: “To be fair Beryl and the cat sound made for each other.”

The poster comes after a rescue centre claimed dog and cat owners are having to give up their beloved pets due to the cost of living crisis.

Claire Sparkes, General Manager at Gables Dogs and Cats Home in Plymouth, said the charity is receiving more calls to take in pets as owners can no longer afford the rising costs of pet essentials.

Pet food and veterinary costs have soared in recent years, and owners are struggling to fork out for the bills as cost of living in the UK rise.

Claire expressed that it’s not only Gables being faced with the increasing calls, but also other rescue centres around the city.

She admitted to worrying about what will happen to all the unwanted pets if they can no longer take them in as there are only so many spaces they can offer.

Claire said: “We operate a waiting list of cats and dogs that need to come in for rehoming that people can no longer keep various reasons. The calls we are receiving are increasing now from people who genuinely can’t afford to keep their pets any longer.

“It’s a real shame because they are genuinely loved pets, but the increase in their own costs for themselves and families have gone up.

“In the increase in dog food, and veterinary costs like flea and worm treatments and basic pet care items are increasing. It seems like everything is increasing and there’s no kind of let up for anybody and people are genuinely struggling to keep their pets.”