‘My sister chose not to breastfeed her baby – now she wants me to do it for her’

A woman says she supported her sister’s decision not to breastfeed ‘100 per cent’, but didn’t expect she herself would end up feeling “obligated” to breastfeed her own niece alongside her young son.

She and her sister became pregnant at the same time, and originally both wanted to try breastfeeding. However, after giving birth, her sister decided it just wasn’t for her.

The two new mums live together, and at first she didn’t mind too much when her sister would take the milk she’d frozen for her son to feed her daughter with. However, things soon escalated, and her sister began taking milk even after she’d specifically said no.

It soon became expected of her to pump milk for her niece as well as her son, leaving her breasts “sore and overfilled” with the amount of milk she was producing.

Eventually, it got to the stage where she was breastfeeding both babies, despite not actually wanting to do so, and she felt as though she couldn’t say no when her sister would just “come up and put my niece on my other boob.”

Taking to Reddit, the fed-up mum and aunt – who goes by the username u/Independent-Gift3897 – wrote: “[My sister will] literally will take my other boob out and put my niece on it.

“At first, I let her but then it just started feeling like she thought I was obligated to do it because when I didn’t want to she would get mad.

“She tried to put my niece on my boob earlier and I just told her that I didn’t want to breastfeed my niece anymore and she should stop because at this point it’s getting weird.

“She got mad and was like ‘you know how badly I wanted to breastfeed [my niece] and breast milk is so much better for a baby. If you loved her you would do it’ yet again, I told her no.”

This argument didn’t hold any weight for the exasperated woman, who clarified once again how her sister had made the choice not to breastfeed her daughter, just as she’d chosen to breastfeed her son.

She added: “I shouldn’t have to always feed my niece every couple hours when I’m trying to give my boobs a break because my son is on them most of the d*** day.

“I’m starting to feel bad because I do want my niece to be healthy but s* she’s a d* baby she doesn’t know the difference between t* milk and formula. She getting her nutrition anyways and she’s a healthy d baby.”

Fellow Reddit users could not believe what they were reading and many were greatly concerned by the woman being pressured or even forced into doing something she just didn’t want to do.

One person wrote: “The first thing you teach kids is that your body is yours and nobody owns the rights to it. if an adult can’t understand such a basic thing I wonder what would they teach their kid?”

Another advised: “Your sister has no boundaries and is manipulative. You are not responsible for your niece, nor are you responsible for taking the consequences for your sister’s decisions.

“Get control of your body. If you say no, do no. Other people should not be just handling your boobs or your milk whenever or however they feel like it. You may need to get your own place to live.”